BBC Sport 1992 Ident Audio

Looking for a HQ copy of the music. (March 2021)

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Hi, this might be a long-shot but does anyone have a HQ audio recording of the 1992 Sport ident, pictured below?

I love the sound mixing from this era with the strong stereo effects and reverb, but all the versions on YouTube are all quite ropey. The previous late 1980s ident would also be interesting to hear if anyone has that (sounds very similar but possibly remixed?).

Finally, as a long-time TVForum reader and with this place closing soon; there's been some real gems posted even up until recently that I haven't heard clean or in full before (and possibly some that never made it to air) - so many thanks to everyone who's shared music here over the years.
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TV Ark's copy of the red version is in stereo:
TV Ark's copy of the red version is in stereo:

Thanks very much! This is the best copy I've heard by some margin.

I had a look at the Ravensbourne BBC Archive and the 1996 version on there isn't in stereo, but TV Ark's is:

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