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People couldn't hear bits of Radio 1 (March 2021)

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Fluffy Bunny Feet
I know it's different from that, I said it "sounds" like them.

To my ears.


This forum really is dying a death at the right time. Bloody nitpickers.

Charming. I mean clearly almost two decades experience working in (audio and video) broadcast engineering just makes me a ‘bloody nitpicker’.

If out of phase audio sounds to you like a pop record from the early days of stereo mixing then I’d be concerned about your hearing. The two sound very very different.

Exactly. By switching the wires on hi-fi speakers is a good way to get out of phase. Also stereo radio really only took off in the early to mid 1970's in the UK so producers would 'play around' with the stereo image to promote it for those that had stereo record players at home. I've got plenty of records with 'Stereo' printed big on the cover to promote the production and artists.
All very fair points VMPhil- I thought I could get geeky about The Beatles!

I was generalising to an extent. There certainly are some tracks where the band and/or George Martin seem to have paid attention to the stereo mix and others which are just really bad. The problem with ‘Day in the Life’ is that once I’ve you’ve heard the mono version of the opening track on that album I wouldn’t want to go back to the (original) stereo.

For me “All You Need is Love” is one of the tracks where the stereo mix just seems to have the levels all wrong, the song not holding together at all- especially at the start.

That link (until it descends into algebra) does give the best suggestion why Rubber Soul in stereo was mixed as it does. I wasn’t aware of that theory before.

We’ll have to agree to disagree on the Giles Martin remixes. I like them as an alternative to the mono versions. It’s things like the vocals on ‘Here Comes The Sun’ not being centred on the original mix that slightly irk me, which he then changed. I can live with the extra compression and just go back to the mono (or original stereo in the case of Abbey Road) if I don’t like it.

And that explanation about Rubber Soul even brings things back round to the risk of phasing...

Or maybe in the ‘new place’ we’ll have to have a thread discussing the mono and stereo versions of the Beatles songs Wink

Yes, the link that descends into algebra, that’s how I feel about a lot of threads on that forum! Audiophiles are a bit crazy (and no I am not one of them) - maybe even crazier than pres enthusiasts?

To be fair the White Album and Abbey Road remixes aren’t that bad, but I really didn’t like the Pepper remix. But I’m too used to the originals now.

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