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Goodbye TVF Gallery

pip2 posted:
Forgive me... but I just wanted to post one last time, to say thank you for taking the time to wander through the Gallery over the years, and for your feedback. I'll miss this place.

Goodnight, and thanks for watching.

As soon as a saw the globe with the text it reminded me of the Sky News of old then I put the sound on.

You have done some great mocks over the years. My favourite was the history in motion for itv creates

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Good Morning Britain

Does anyone else think maybe Piers is trying to get himself sacked and out of the contract with ITV so he can go to GB News?

His actions over the last 24 hours have been shocking

I've said this for a few years now but I wish we could go back to a time where presenters across the board only read the news and leave opinion to the guests...and let them say more than 4 words before interrupting