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An Unofficial "Closing" TV Theme Quiz!

Wouldn't have a clue about the years, but I'm pretty sure about most of them, those that I'm not followed by (?)

1.You've Been Framed
2. Blockbusters
3. Family Fortunes
4. 321
5. Blind Date
6. Bullseye
7. Cannon & Ball
8. Surprise Surprise
9. Not a Scooby (but it definitely ins't Scooby Doo... Where Are You?
10. The Price Is Right
11. Catchphrase
12. Stars In Their Eyes (?)
13. Strictly Come Dancing
14, Britain's Got Talent
15. Golden Balls (?)
16. Dancing On Ice
17. Blind Date
18. The X Factor
19. Top Of The Pops
20. The Weakest Link (... Goodbye!)

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Happy 18th TV Forum

Happy Birthday TV Forum!

I've made mocks since my childhood, using cardboard and Letraset until computers became a thing and I was finally able to make mocks that moved. When I discovered TV Forum (it was early on, I used to be pip but something went awry and I had to rejoin as pip2) I was thrilled that there was a place like-minded enthusiasts could indulge their interest in TV presentation. Thanks everyone, especially Asa, the mods and the mockers.

Moving birthday cards follow shortly.