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…and finally

18 years membership here. Crazy! Well over half my life with daily readership and some sporadic posting. I think my biggest scoop was finding an education subsection of the Sky website that had a load of videos and images showing their new studios a week or so before their disastrous 2005 relaunch.

So since 2003 we've had the highs of Ch4 rebranding over Christmas 2004, the glory of the 2s coming back in 2017, the absolute nadire of Oneness, the boredom of over a decade of BBC News essentially looking and sounding the same, ch5 going through however many owners and name changes. Some great channel launches like More4 and ITV3, some piles of garbage like ITV Play. Numerous general election night discussions that at times were more interesting than the results themselves.

In a sense the actual 'presentation' discussions were a nice addition to some of the other real insights provided in and amongst threads. Chats about how the News 24 set was built and revamped, the layout of TVC, oddities of how Classic Emmerdale/Corrie repeat highlighted the changes in ITV in the 80s and 90s. Then some kind fellows posting some long lost music or theme you thought you'd never get to hear clean and in high quality. The awe of some mocks and recreations.

Rota discussion I have to say I find utterly tedious and thank god for many years they were banned to their own threads. Each to their own...

I'll say this - and it's said in the most 'respecful' manner - but it's a shame the site won't be around for a big Royal death because its going to be a massive event.

Anyway, I hope a successor 'franchise' takes over at midnight the day TFV closes, we get a jump on the screen as we switchover to a new service. The fact so many are reading and posting shows that whilst maybe it's a niche interest there clearly is an audience here for a successor to build on.

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Bradby at Ten

The truth is that I think News at Ten is one of the great institutions of British public life and I don’t want to let down the people who built it.

But something worse happened, too. The BBC moved into our slot , thus combining our heritage with its own. It was clever and, one might say, cynical.

Nor, if I were invited into your living room to discuss the day’s events, would I attempt to interest you by listing the facts in order of diminishing importance in the same way they did in the 1950s. I would tell you a story, attempting to focus on why it is interesting.

Some of his great "intelligence" and "personality" really shining in that article there Rolling Eyes

He is completely delusional. "News at Ten" is not a great British institution. It WAS up until 1999, and ever since then it has bumped along as an also ran - he even admits this when he says the 'old' News at Ten (2008-2015) was hardly watched and had practically zero impact. How can something still be considered an "institution" in those circumstances?

This also shows the feeling inside ITN/ITV. They still see that 10pm slot as theirs - how dare the BBC have come along and 'stole' it from them. It smacks of jealousy and it reeks right the way through this piece. His thinking is clearly there - ITN and the BBC were evenly matched in the 90s both in reputation and audience, then the original News at Ten ended, the BBC stole their slot and now they want it back but cant understand why the viewers no longer see them as equals to the BBC.

You also have to love what he says about facts not being important and how they exist on the internet. Sorry, no. Your JOB is to highlight the facts - thats why its the news. Credible, factual journalism is what drives authority and respect. The internet is awash with half baked websites full of conspiracy theories, slanted opinion presented as fact and downright lies - they don't accurately inform. Nice to see that ITV don't think they can compete with them...