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TV Forum Memories

Hi i wanted to start this topic on here because i recently joined this site and recently learnt of it shutting down which i'm said about as since finding this site only before christmas i've got involved in alot of talk and really gutted to the people who made this website though thank you so much i'm sure others agree with me it will forever stay in our hearts

I want people to share there favourite memories on here and how they found this website below

I'll start so i actually found this website by searching my YouTube channel name in on google and it came up with this website people where talking about my channel and i started getting stuck in and i've been talking on various topics since

So thats my favourite memory now whats yours

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ITV Programming Thread

I've got the video of this broadcast and looked back at it and it basically was playing Ideal World for about 15 minutes something before suddenly cutting to a random old ITV programme no idents no sorry we seem to have lost this programme just cut straight into it while the ideal world presenter was still speaking and that so not sure what the problem could of been for them