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International News Presentation: Past and Present

Ten years ago today, ZDF's news programmes went from looking like this:

...to this:

The video below has two parts: the first is a retrospective of previous looks for heute-journal, the more in-depth equivalent to heute, and the second part (which starts at 3:03) is a report on the then-new virtual studio:

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Jeremy Kyle Axed

From my understanding of watching the show when it first aired in 2005 (believe it or not, I was five years old) up until now, Jeremy has no control over the lie detector tests.

He just reads the results out. Compare his appearances on his own to show to that of his appearances on Good Morning Britain.

People bashing him is just not okay, the people who appear on the show aren’t forced. Even Christopher Maloney, former The X Factor contestant, has appeared on the show with his mum and has said that the whole team had treated them well.

I'm sorry, but with all due respect, you are talking absolute rubbish. A man has taken his own life as a result of appearing on this programme, and you have the audacity to go round saying that Jeremy Kyle himself is the victim?! You're obviously a fan, which is fair enough - personally, I think the man is ghastly and am glad to see the back of his programme - but I think you really need to put this into perspective.

You seem to be suggesting that the way he acts on his eponymous programme is a persona made up for said programme - maybe so, but does that excuse him belittling, goading and shouting at his guests, many of whom have mental health and/or substance abuse problems? I think not. Even if, for argument's sake, he is the loveliest man in the world off-camera - which many accounts suggest is not the case - I think that the fact that he chooses to act in this way towards such people on camera, embarrassing them on national TV, speaks volumes about his character.

As for your next point, maybe strictly speaking, the guests weren't forced into appearing on the show - but they were reportedly heavily manipulated into doing so, as has already been mentioned. They were also reportedly encouraged to get drunk the night before, repeatedly phoned up by the production company in the middle of the night so that they'd be tired and agitated on set the next morning, and goaded by the producers about things fellow guests may or may not have said about them. So no, maybe they weren't forced into doing anything - but if reports are true, situations were certainly engineered in such a way as to create maximum conflict and drama. All of this, done in the name of ratings, at the expense of the wellbeing of said guests, many of whom, as I have said above, are in one way or another, highly vulnerable.