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Christmas TV 2020

Interesting that the BBC didn’t want to interrupt the fun on Christmas Day and Boxing Day with a news bulletin, but they are happy to air one slap bang in the middle of the New Years Eve programming!

Straight from Paddy’s thing into headlines about Covid deaths, what a way to keep the spirits high!

I don't watch the News anymore. We know what's going on, we know the rules, we know what tier we are in and frankly the MSM suck the life and soul out of living. They could have extended the Paddy show and just told viewers if they wanted to watch the News there will be a brief update at 10.15 but more in depth News for those that want it, on the news channel.

I agree that it's odd how on boxing day they went straight from football to Grease without any news at all from 1.pm to 10.40pm.

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BBC Oneness - idents and presentation

The BBC are a laughing stock! They make a press announcement saying the Circles have been withdrawn and then show a Circles ident! Why not just get rid of the oneness idents, bring back circles and do a proper all out refresh in the Spring. Is there any other international major broadcaster who is inept with their presentation as the BBC?