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Do they really want to become a streaming company? They have the technology (Bedrock, part of M6 in France, used for Salto in France and Videoland the Netherlands), but they haven't had much success yet for subscription-based services. And I doubt a shared brand would help, since TV content varies so much from country to country, and they wouldn't have a big library of TV shows and films.

That's somewhat the point I made. The RTLs in different markets have very little in common. Yet they are now trying to harmonise everything into "one RTL". It doesn't make sense to unify something brand-wise if there is nothing to unify content-wise. There should be some sort of deeper strategy behind this that goes beyond changing a bunch of logos. There are various efforts to increase cooperation within the RTL Group so having a "one RTL" brand could perhaps communicate this to employees, but these recently announced changes seem to target viewers.

I don't know what RTL wants, but they are under pressure to change their business model as linear TV inevitably declines. The only clear change so far is that TV Now is being renamed RTL+, which makes RTL the brand for their streaming offering in Germany. If they follow the press release, similar changes could be made in other markets. But, as you say, its not obvious at the moment how having a unified brand would help them make that transition as a group.

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Scandinavian TV

Earlier this year the Danish government announced major cuts for Denmark's broadcaster DR that will see hundreds loose their jobs and funding decreased by 20 percent until 2021. Today DR announced what channels they are going to close. The money saved will be diverted to a fund that provides production support for other producers. The changes will be implemented in 2020.

DR3 and DR Ultra (similar to BBC Three and CBBC) will "move online".
DRK (similar to BBC Four) will merge into DR2. There will also be a new "cultural" offering online called DR2+.
DR1 and DR Ramasjang (BBC One and Cbeebies) will remain as they are.
Three digital radio stations, P6 Beat, P7 Mix and P8 Jazz, are also closing.
Altogether, DR is moving from six to three TV channels and from eight to five radio stations.

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