Children's programmes returning to BBC Two

I'm hoping the return of Children's programming on BBC Two on a Saturday is just a temporary move in the run up to Christmas. I was really enjoying watching the old RKO movies being shown each week. It seems the BBC may have ran out of ideas regarding their re-run of the old RKO films as they no longer show them on Sunday morning's anymore either and instead we have a gardening strand of programmes from around 6am.

I've got a feeling over Christmas, children's programming will be shown on BBC One each morning from 9am like it is has been over the last few years.

I thought the BBC originally said when the BBC Trust revealed their DQF policy in 2012 they would only be showing the odd kids programme in the schedule now and then. Seems they have had a change of heart. Seems really lazy scheduling them showing a morning of CBBC when we already have 2 kids channels freely available for all to see.