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BBC Publishes Annual Plan

The BBC has published its annual plan for 2021/2022 which sets out its plans to bring BBC3 back to linear broadcast from January 2022.

It also confirms there will be fewer original documentary commissions for BBC4 in favour of an increased budget for arts and music on BBC2:

We will deliver more value to audiences by focusing on unique, high impact content, commissioning fewer but bigger titles of higher quality that can reach more audiences and with more opportunities for creative innovation. This shift in commissioning will mean more series of scale such as Civilisations and The Making of Us: A History of British Creativity, The Romantics and Us with Simon Schama and African Renaissance with Afua Hirsch. We will do more to promote and make this content easy to find – doubling the arts and music spend on BBC Two over the next two years; launching eight major arts and music boxset series for iPlayer each year and building our library of arts and music content on iPlayer. This approach will necessitate a shift away from commissioning a high volume of lower cost programmes on BBC Four, which are less effective at reaching audiences on the channel and on iPlayer. Instead, BBC Four will become the home of the most distinctive content from across the BBC’s archive. It will also remain the home for performance, such as the BBC Proms, BBC Young Dancer and BBC Young Musician. It will continue to showcase arts and music acquisitions and maintain its unique role in partnering with arts institutions (e.g. The Lyric Theatre, Belfast; Opera North; The National Theatre Scotland and The Royal Shakespeare Company).

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BBC News (UK) presentation - Reith launch onwards

Absolutely shameless duplicity from Oliver Dowden in that press conference.