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Missing Presentation thread

Time to update the list! The TV Room has relaunched, the Ident Central (formerly TV-Live) has closed down, and after 6 months work, Here it is:

First, I've found the Yorkshire Summer clock from 1992 (starting at 2:35):

I’ve also found two Central idents. Here’s Wildlife from 1990-1994:

and the Coronation Street from 1998:

Two Carlton idents now. Here’s Custard Pie from 1996:

and Coronation Street from 1996 also:

and the rare TSW ident from 1985:

Is there anything missing from Sky Box Office Analogue and Digital from 1998-2004 like preview channel menu (With Multiplay), Multiplay Movie Menu, Digital Countdown saying about to start and the film, All day movie ticket menu, 2003 preview channel menu and 2003 countdown saying about to start and the film.

The following are from the 2002-2004 set, Stills can be viewed on TV Room but not videos
* 1999 Hearts: Swimming
* Simon Cowell (2DTV Version)
* Mark Rhodes ident (v1 and v2)
* Michelle McManus ident (v1 and v2)
* Emma Atkins ident (v1 and v2)
* Generic ident 2002 (v1 and v2)
* Lynam and McCoist (2003 and 2002 Christmas)
* Emma Atkins/Jeff Hordley ident (V1)
* Patrick Mower/Emily Symons/Chris Chittell ident
* David Harewood ident
* Davina McCall ident (February v2 ONLY)
* Sombre ident (2004 or 2005)
* 2015 ITV Swimmers going back into the sea; Where still very unclear about this one

UTV - ITS claimed most are on TVARK but since it offline I can't confirm which ones. Some are on TV-Live ie. Missing video
The following are from the 2002-2005
* Julian Simmons ident
* Paul Usher and Jeff Stewart ident
* Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly ident
* Enniskillen ident
* Endboards Compilation ident
* Belfast/Dublin/Cork ident
* Davina McCall ident (Version 1 and Version 2)
* Fern Britton ident
* Christmas idents (Seasons Greetings v1 and v2, Armstrong Primary School in Armagh, Town and St. Patrick's P.S. Pennyburn, Derry)

* North tonight 1980, 1983, 1986 and 1989. Titles
* Celebrity love Island 2002
* Promos style from mid 90s
* Clips from 29th May 2006

* Scotland Today titles 1989-1990,
* NOTE: the pink 1985-1986 titles could be in HQ.
* 1989 Scottish TV xmas Ident
* 1997 Scottish TV xmas Ident
* FULL version of the Scottish TV 96-00 ident with Different more dramatic longer music.
* Three old men 2000 ident 30 secs version STV or GTV The other have turned up on Viemo.

* 2009 South parks Stills are on TVLIVE but no video.

* Granada Christmas presentation from 1989 and 1992
* Granada: Sketch - A canvass with a G Arrow drawn with crayons 96-99.

When it comes to Yorkshire and TT, nothing is missing but its a bit thin on the ground from the early 90s;

* Central ident via a Bill-broad in HQ.
* Rainbow Confetti ident
* Channel 4 morphing into Central Cake ident (The one that used to promote Channel 4 Programmes)
* ITO ident from 1997.
* Clips from 1991 and 1990
* Central News (West Midlands) clip with Wesley Smith reading.
* Central logo on the ITV logo from 1989 ident (Calibre Models) (seen on Twitter)
* Central news west 1993: Green - blue look just like the 1991 but with different colours
* A number of Central idents from 98-99 set are not around.
* LA Law promo into ident (As seen on Ident Central, formally TV-Live)
* FULL 2min Let's Get Together in HQ
* Soap Caption from 1990-1991
* Drama ident (where the word “drama” flies away in a serif font)

Carlton - London
Im lead to believe there may be stuff appear in relation to the Carlton media, Keep a close eye on them.

* There is around 10-15: of Set no3 from 1993 ident version: * Dancers, Stunt Woman, Peter Clarke, A Conductor from Sunbury-on-thames, Paul Harris, A Panto Dame from Rochester, etc are nearly all missing)

* A lot of the Programme idents from 1996-1999 in video are not around at the moment, which includes Emmerdale, Peak practice, Videotech, Clowning ident, Vortex, Gold Searchlights. Morning ident, Black and white Searchlight ident.

Channel Television
Noted the following is in connection with the 2002-2004 set,
* Kevin Pamplin ident
* Cove ident
* Pathway/Cove ident
* Rocks ident
* Fort ident
* Yachts ident
* Fort/Town ident
* House on Cliffs ident
* ITV1 ident
* Fern Britton ident (V1 AND V2)
* Jim Rosenthal ident (V1 AND V2)
* Chris Tarrant ident
* Harbour ident
* Beach ident
* Generic ident (1998)
* Wendy Craig ident (V1 and V2)

* Gus Honeybun's Magic Birthdays with Jenny Hull (don't know what year)
* Gus Honeybun's Magic Birthdays with Tristfam Payne reading birthday cards and Gus is in a raincoat and hat.

* Pop Art ident
* Edinburgh Nights ident
* Shakespeare ident
* Rembrandt ident in full
* The Comedy Zone Ident (based on Shooting Stars sting)
* X Files Ident (stills are around for No2, nothing for No3) -
* BBC 2W idents (Christmas 2007 and 2008) are all missing as well as the Heroes ident with the box logo on)
* Unknown sting (as seen on sub-TV)
* BBC Two NI Logo ident with BBC Four Logo on the center (2005) (No video at the moment, the Stills are on The TV Room website, prior to its closure)
* BBC Two NI Menu into Domino ident

BBC One:
* Destroying Grey Abbey (The Ben Elton Show Version) ident (1998)
* In Space, I think is the other one that is missing from Ben elton set.
* Wales final balloon closedown (March 29th 2002)

BBC Choice
* Trumpet ident (1998) the full version still need to be find

Chris and Sue use their pretend ants to crawl on their trousers (2002)
Pingu link with Chris and Sue have a party on the studio (2002)
Teletubbies link with Sid and Sue where Sue scares Sid with a sparkly spider (2002)
Ben playing a piggy game with The Cbeebies Baby, Evangeline (2015)

BBC HD mid 2006 to late 2007.
* breakfiller (not sure if that's the correct word but before it became an official channel, nearly all gaps between

Channel 4 brand:
Channel 4:
* 'Look Who's Talking' season ident (September 1994)
* 'Reel Women' season ident (circa early 1995 - a programme entry is also listed on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1289382/)

S4C can be viewed here, but I have no idea what is actually missing.. http://www.tvforum.co.uk/forums/post885946#post-885946

E4: A number of the early idents are around in Pic/stills but the videos are missing.

Channel 5:
* Kate McIntyre (The Core) ident (1999)
* Milkshake (Lucy Alexander) ident (1999)
* RAD ident (1999)
* Leslie Grantham (Sitting alone on the sofa without any friends) ident (2000)
* Unscheduled news report still ident (2002)
* Blue ident (silent) (2002)

* Hannah Williams sings Incy Wincy Spider clip (2006)
* Naomi Wilkinson sings Incy Wincy Spider on the Beach clip (Summer 2006)

SKY and Cable.

Sky Channel:
* Sky Channel ident from MAY -July 1989 is missing - it's in the style of sky one ident from 1989.

Sky One:
* Blockbusters Promo (2000)

Sky Channel 999
* Sky Guide and Sky+ Demonstration (2003 and 2006)

UK Ginger (UK Gold)
* Stills are on TV-Live, it seems videos are not around are Ginger Woman 1, 2, and 3 and Ginger Man 1 and 2
* 8 space hoppers idents out of 2 are all missing (Stills are around on The TV Room)

Living (in video):
* Next Sting from 1993.
* Break bumpers from 1993, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002.
* Promos from 1993, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2001 and 2002.
* Idents from May 2000 with the asterisk next to the word Living like this one

Challenge TV
* Idents and continuity: 2003-2004
* Full version of Best of british from 2006-08
* Alex Lovell and Bradley Walsh doing continuity links from 2002.

Irish Channels
RTE in video
Christmas 90s presentation and idents

TV3 in video
Nearly everything

Discovery Kids UK
* Continuity idents. 2002 - 2007, there are some pieces on TV ark but again its unclear if what here is not missing?

Playhouse Disney in video
* Monty Mole (The one where he is looking at something with a magnifying glass)
* Paws
* Bite Size
* Art Play (Kite from Mary Poppins Episode and all Olivia and Splodge episodes)
* Dave and Alex (The one where they are decorating a blue cake)
* PJ's Bedtime
* PJ's Storytime
* Clips from 2003 to 2006.

Disney Channel
* Spring ident
* Space Bubbles ident
* Cake ident
* Planet ident
* Dog and Butterfly ident
* Liquid Lightbulb ident
* Christmas Wreath ident
* Christmas Slope ident
* Paint Palette ident
* Smash ident (used on Toon Disney)
* Spiral ident
* 1995 Christmas Ident
* Tennis Ball ident
* Grapes ident
* Gold and Blue ident
* Red and Orange ident
* The Lion King ident
* Pebbles ident
* Strawberries on Bowls ident
* Moon ident
* Football ident
* Herbie the car ident
* Paint Splat ident (Alternate Version)
* Popcorn ident (Better Quality)
* Pie Splat ident (maybe was on Playhouse Disney or Toon Disney)
* 2D Circles ident (used on Playhouse Disney)
* Nest ident (used on Playhouse Disney; better audio)

Some of the break bumpers, The Big Nick Pick promo (2005), See Page 10 on what’s actually missing and in-vision is missing.

Tiny Pop
* More continuity, adverts and music videos, from 2004-2007

* VIC: Of course you can Malcolm
* Bank of Scotland Adverts from 1999 - 2008 including BOS Howard versions.
* Sky Digital promo. Big red.
* Monster Munch advert (Dave Benson Phillips appeals)
* Cadbury’s Dream Advert
* Walt Disney World advert - 2006.
* Walt Disney World UK advert 2003 (Feel the magic and Sara, are you asleep? saying)
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Missing Presentation thread

you've forgotten to have the living ident from 2000-2001 like this one:
also Next Sting from 1993, Break bumpers from 1993, 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 and Promos from 1993, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2001 and 2002.

And I also found that one:
Wedding Rings
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