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Techy radio question

I know it's different from that, I said it "sounds" like them.

To my ears.


This forum really is dying a death at the right time. Bloody nitpickers.

Charming. I mean clearly almost two decades experience working in (audio and video) broadcast engineering just makes me a ‘bloody nitpicker’.

If out of phase audio sounds to you like a pop record from the early days of stereo mixing then I’d be concerned about your hearing. The two sound very very different.

Exactly. By switching the wires on hi-fi speakers is a good way to get out of phase. Also stereo radio really only took off in the early to mid 1970's in the UK so producers would 'play around' with the stereo image to promote it for those that had stereo record players at home. I've got plenty of records with 'Stereo' printed big on the cover to promote the production and artists.

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TVF Confessions

BBC News 24 'Flags' - I still miss them: