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Final post

Charlie Wells Moderator

…and finally

With not many hours left until the forums close baring any final moderating duties this will (probably) be my final public post on TVForum. Once again my thanks to Asa, Bail, and all of those who've contributed to the forums over the years.

So all that is left for me Keith, aka 'Charlie Wells' in my hideaway in Cambridgeshire is to say farewell. Oh, and so long and thanks for all the fish.

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Charlie Wells Moderator

…and finally

I'd like to thank Asa for running these forums for all these years. It'll be slightly strange when it does finally close, after all these years of visiting the forums on an almost daily basis. There have been some interesting discussions over the years, and this place has been fortunate to have many inside the industry contributing to the forums. Thanks also to Bail and also all the former mods that I've shared this role with, or soderators as we've sometimes been referred to. Cool

Bonus points to any insiders who manage to make any on air/screen references to TVF before it closes. For example a clip where the forum home page is on a monitor in the background, or maybe "that's all from us tonight, I'm off to take one last look at TV Forum before it closes". Razz