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…and finally

Last post time, so as I said thank you to Mr. Hicks and co for me at least a good portion of internet time and all that.

So to those who've already registered on TV Live Forum, I'll see on the other side and logging off for the final time.


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BBC News: Reith Style

Impressive as ever Bail, I agree with some about it being not too dissimilar to the current look, but that is believable going by the BBC's record on evolving the BBC News branding.


This is what I am expecting, at least from the logos - but I would hope for some nice use of BBC Reith Serif on-screen with more interesting typography, as well as slightly larger typefaces.

But the design as presented is certainly rich and detailed - as well as containing elements from the original 1999 look like those rings, and the digits counting up.

The Periodic Table of BBC News.