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News about TV Forum (March 2021)

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
Imagine this is an April Fools joke (I'm kidding)

I was about to say, imagine it's just gone midnight and Asa appears with "April Fools - The forum is not closing after all!" Laughing
We said at the start we come to celebrate and I think we have. We've enjoyed remembering and I'm sure you won't forget. So with a final farewell from those TV Forum people who have become for many of you true friends, its goodbye from us.

Thanks to Asa and co for everything on this forum over the last 20 years. Enjoy whatever you plan next.
Thank you all for the many years of discussion, company and happiness over the years. You’re a wonderful family of collaborators, and I hope to see as many as possible on the other side.

Thank you Asa and all of the team for your incredible work keeping this ship afloat over the years, go and put your feet up, you deserve it.

Look after yourself, and each other!

Asa Admin
"Is it really the end of the series?"

So on this final evening, one very last thank you from me for making it such a brilliant place to run. Best wishes to everyone for the future and kudos to Rob and the team for keeping the conversation going.

As a few are ending their posts with a closing video, I'll do the same and leave you with Phillip and Sarah. Maybe replace Sarah's "letters and phone calls" with "posts and mocks".

Lights out later this evening, in a couple of hours.

And if anyone does have any comments or suggestions about the forum, you're too late! Smile

Cheers, Asa

Farewell everyone.
Bye all
And so I suppose it's time to say.... see you over on the other side!

Scary where the last 20 odd years have gone since first typing away on this forum all those years ago. My post count has gone down over the years (blame entering the world of work) and the hair line has receded a fair bit (blame aging and again the world of work) but the discussion and debate on here is as entertaining and wonderful as it was back in the noughties whilst on the joys of a 56k modem. How weird that times have moved on so much but in some ways, this place has always remained a warm, familiar place. I think everyone has pretty much said everything else I would also like to say so I won't copy and paste the same statements again. Although of course, as everyone has said, massive thanks to Asa for connecting a whole community of self confessed TV geeks via the wonders of the internet!

As the saying goes, this will be au revoir, rather than goodbye. Hope that another 21 years will pass with the same wonderful, whacky, funny and bizarre conversations that have taken place on here over the years with the advent of the new forum.

I suppose the big question remains.... who will write the final post on here? It's got all of the tension of a Line of Duty cliff hanger or an EastEnders duff duff!
This Is Granada

For me the HTV death red ident visually sums up our collective sadness at the closure of TV Forum.

For 20 years I've been's been a blast.
This is Granada signing off for the last time....

I'll leave you with one final thought...

"From tomorrow we're handing over to our colleagues at TV Live Forum, but rest assured Julian and I will be back with you as soon as possible...."



I remember this being talked about on MHP Chat when the first 90 second countdown was broadcast. Pretty sure it was broadcast on the TOTH when BBC One handed over to News 24.
The SNT Three
I came here when I was a yoof, and in the last 16 years my appreciation of presentation and love of news/politics in general have been a self-perpetuating cycle. I'd go home and watch the news so that I could see the countdown! That is to say that I don't think I would be as informed an adult as I am now, if I hadn't been spurred on in part by this forum. I probably haven't contributed much in my 911 posts, certainly the early ones which seem to be rota/request focused ( Shocked ) but I've really appreciated the insight of many of my fellow contributors - thank you!
Now on TV Forum TV it's time for Pie in the Sk-
Seems as though NTL pulled the plug early!
Nathan and Roger Darthwell gave kudos

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