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This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
Goodbye and a big thank you to you all - especially to Asa and the team, this has been a brilliant forum and has been hugely appriciated!
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I haven't contributed long, but I have been reading for many years and have learned a great deal from the people here. I just want to say thank you all.
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I joined TV Forum sixteen years ago today.
I have saved my post til the last day.

I first joined TV Forum in 2019, but was a lurker since around 2007. It has been a pleasure to be a part of the discussions, and the people here were full of character. I definitely see why and how the forum has lasted 20 years. I'd like to thank Asa for founding the forum in the first place, as without TVF, there probably wouldn't be another place for us TV fans to discuss about programmes, presentation and other TV related topics.

I am now on TVLF luckily, so this isn't the last of me.

But now, I just want to say, farewell TV Forum.
Looks like this will be my last post, it’s been a blast. Looking back at those videos I uploaded in the other thread made me realise just how much time I’ve spent on this forum over the years! See you on the other side.
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Wanted to add a final post before the lights go out. Will truly be a sad change to not check this site every day, but very grateful for all of the hard work involved in maintaining the site (and trying to keep all of us under control!). I’m not sure if I’ll move over to any of the other places, so if we don’t speak again, thanks everyone.

Over and out.
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This is Television Home Forum, broadcasting across the UK and around the world via the ASA encoding system.

Tyler LastName
“And don’t forget that programmes continue on the all new, TV Live Forum. This is TV Forum, signing out for one last time.”
Robert Williams Founding member
Can I just say that as one of the older members of this forum, I have been so interested to see that many of the posters on here were and are so young. For me that is wonderful, it is not just us older ones who could be stuck in the past, but a whole new group of people who are interested in bringing things of interest to viewers and listeners now and in the future.

Well I was 24 when this forum started so I'm not sure I counted as one of the 'younger members' even then, I very much suspect I don't now!

I’ve had an interest in idents, logos & graphics and the ‘behind the scenes’ of TV from a young age, and enjoy(ed) browsing sites like TV & Radio Bits (to my year 6 teacher’s bemusement!)

Heartening to see this having been mentioned a few times - I was the one who used to run that site, and I'm amazed people still remember it 13 years after it closed! For those who aren't aware, I have more recently put some of the material back online, although not being regularly updated:

Back on topic, and this might be my last post on this forum - but then again, it might not be!
Gareth E
Three cheers to Asa and the mods on their last day on the job.

Hip hip, hooray... hip hip, hooray... hip hip, hooray...

Bail Moderator
For me, TV Forum was the place to ask and read about presentation, television branding and other interesting things and facts on the media industry. Thank you Asa for creating such a great platform, and cheers to the moderators who have been moderating the forum for whole time.

But before I go, here are some clips to enjoy.

(And if you are looking for that particular, last ever "God Save the Queen" before the BBC News 24 launch, TV Ark has it for you.)

(Other renditions of "Auld Lang Syne" are also available: Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, Dougie MacLean, Pentatonix)

And this is whoiam989, signing off for now. Moving on to the next destination, TV Live Forum!
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