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(January 2021)

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It’s not beyond the realms of possibilities that travel restrictions may be in place in still by autumn. I understand the mental health concerns here but unfortunately however much we don’t enjoy it, it’s the reality we are living now. What’s the alternative? We live in a society where we’re only told things that won’t upset us?

All completely fair points.
Everyone has their own way of dealing with things, and I personally find that when I hear too much about the virus, I get really stressed out and I start feeling suffocated by it.
The only thing I've found which works for me is eliminating exposure to news sources insofar as is possible, bar any major life-altering changes which I'll need to make note of.
Reading/watching negative, pessimistic coverage and wading through endless speculation by armchair experts on social media does me no favours so I personally keep myself away from it.
I know that approach is merely my way of dealing with it, and I'm not suggesting that people shouldn't look to the future or make contingiency plans in the event of restrictions remaining in place in the longer term. It's only sensible to do so, after all.
[/derail topic]

I use a website blocker extension to block any COVID discussion on forums and social media and limit the news to one hour a day. It does the world of good to not to be constantly looking at news.

And I actually take more issue with the ‘jab and go’ advert I’m seeing right now from a certain budget airline, over any news coverage. Trivialising or down playing a pandemic isn’t what I want.

This ^^^^^^^^^ I couldn't agree more. It's appalling
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When I’ve seen Tess on It Takes Two, she comes across really well. She’s not as bad as people say, I just think she doesn’t really do ‘spontaneously funny’, and her role sometimes calls for that.
I think Claudia is more likely to leave Strictly before Tess.
I've never had any problems with Tess - not even when she hosted this awful Lottery game show:

If you think Tess can't do funny, you just have to watch her highlights from SMTV. Granted, not that show's finest era but she sure did get stuck in.

She obviously has cultivated quite a different style for the Strictly gig, but like others have said I think her dynamic with Claudia works really well.
One thing with Tess is she rarely does interviews or appearances on light hearted shows, so viewers just don't see her in none Strictly mode.
One thing with Tess is she rarely does interviews or appearances on light hearted shows, so viewers just don't see her in none Strictly mode.

I went to a recording of Children in Need a few years and was standing on the studio floor in the front row when Tess was presenting. I was amazed at how warm Tess was to the audience during the VTs/before air etc. Chatty, friendly, funny. It could be this that has held her in good stead at Strictly. I think it works to have a 'sensible big sister' figure on the show and she is sort of in charge - she always annouces the winner for example.
Certainly since Strictly she's been more "Head Girl" than "Girl Next Door", but especially in the lead presenter role it takes alot of effort to ensure the show runs like clockwork.

Apparently her TV debut was fronting the Find Me a Model competition on The Big Breakfast in 1999 (clip here) but don't remember her doing that at all, and unlike with Melanie Sykes who had that role earlier it didn't lead to an expanded role on the show. I first remember her fronting late night show Get Your Kit Off which was quite fun in the days when late night TV was able to be. She actually packed quite a bit in before she got the Strictly role, but has only really done that lottery show, Children in Need and the singing Strictly that was Just the Two Of Us since. TBH the BBC could do a lot worse than bringing Just the Two of Us back for Saturday nights in Q1/2.
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The chances of Just the Two of Us coming back are zero.

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