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If you're *that* unhappy, then with the very greatest of respect, consider leaving. No-one is obliged to stick around when they're unhappy.

(That said, it *is* easy to be tempted back to some forums after leaving them - and TVF is one of these forums, as I've discovered myself... Embarassed Embarassed Wink )
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Asa posted:
You do not need to be Sherlock Holmes to work out and deduce that Katya was not keeping within the strict health measures.

This isn't the first time you've stigmatised someone that has had the misfortune to get Covid. Unless you've had some inner knowledge of her whereabouts I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself.

I have really tried my best on this forum, but it seems the moment I utter a comment, I am slammed by everyone. This is a forum to express opinion, and sadly it seems it is becoming more restricted on what you can say as your opinion. An opinion might be wrong, and I am just expressing it from my own point of view. If we can't do that, then I am saddened.

"If you have an opinion, back it up with reason. If you have a question, provide enough information so others can help. And if you just have something to say, say it respectfully."

I think the original point was with regards to "not keeping within the strict health measures". Some news that's broken tonight seems to imply that even keeping within the measures doesn't mean you won't get the infection.,or at least its symptoms. So you can't "deduce" anything.

The other option of course is... *elbow bump* so long and thanks for all the fish.

14 days later

In the spirit of not relying on a mega-thread here's a new thread for a few observations on Strictly!

I don't think it's been commented on here but whilst there hasn't been much in the way of updates to the layout of the set (with the exception of the Covid-related changes), I thought it was worth mentioning how they've clearly done a lot to improve the way parts of the set appear on screen.

Firstly, the steps either side of the orchestra and onto the floor appear to have improved LEDs/screens driving them. Previously, they lit up and changed colour but they appear to be able to do much more detailed effects/graphics than before, fitting in with the other screens within the studio much better.

Secondly, really interesting to see them go in on VR this series! Some of it has been a bit questionable (the elephant or whatever Bill Bailey appeared next to early on was a bit strange) but beyond that there have been a lot more subtle uses of the technology which really improve things. They already use the lighting on the dancefloor incredibly well, but I was particularly struck tonight by the effects used for HRVY and Jannette's dance.

At the start of the dance tonight the effect on the dancefloor was to make them look like they were sat on the top of a highrise building. They've done this before but it was always a static shot so that the perspective illusion wasn't ruined. But tonight, the perspective neatly changed with the shot (similar to Jeremy Vine's VR during the Scottish independence referendum coverage) to match the camera move. Very nicely done and a feat to deliver no doubt!
The VR (or AR as I think they call it) has certainly improved as the series has gone on - was one with HRVY a couple of weeks ago where they basically obscured the whole studio. Also interesting to see it go wrong with Maisie's Doll House dance a couple of weeks back and look pretty terrible, but then they got the chance to do it right in the Dance Off and it looks very effective.

I'm sure last week though for "Blackpool" they didn't really use it, which was odd as I'd have thought the specials would be when they really pushed it.
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I think the AR is a lot less naff than it could be, with a couple of exceptions obviously.

With regards to the rest of the set, we seem to be in a bit of a golden age for screens, technology has really come on over the last couple of years and things are looking brighter and sharper than ever before.
The entrance stairs on either side of the orchestra has been gradually less used since Sir Bruce Forsyth retired from hosting. It is now used to introduce the celebrities and their dance partners, and that is it. Tess and Claudia prefer to enter from either side of the bottom of the stairs now. They started doing that during the results show a few years back.

The podiums for the judges looks really good. I have seen the Dancing with the Stars set in Los Angeles, they simply kept the desk, enlarged it, and placed their three judges spaced out, which doesn't suit it at all.

Also ABC apparently axed the live orchestra in 2014 from the show, and now use taped music for the dances. Looks odd when you see the studio layout and no orchestra.
I do like the somewhat art deco look they now have in the US. Tess and Claudia are seemingly unable to walk down the stairs unassisted, so that's been dropped from the main show this year. Agree the judges desks work well - have always hated how cramped the usual one looks. Is room for a 4th too but now confirmed Bruno won't be returning, which was to be expected with the quarantine rules really.
They could've just had Anton stay on the panel even with Motsi back.

In the spirit of not relying on a mega-thread here's a new thread for a few observations on Strictly!

Mega-thread really? The original thread is only 14 pages so far!
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Back to the screen/AR/projection effects.
I always assumed the floor images were projected from above, but watching last night, I'm not sure, but the whole floor isn't a screen is it?

That said
Back to the screen/AR/projection effects.
I always assumed the floor images were projected from above, but watching last night, I'm not sure, but the whole floor isn't a screen is it?

That said

Yes, the images are projected from above. Multiple projectors overlapping so that shadows cast are reduced.

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