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(February 2007)

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Chur New Zealand
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From South Africa, here's SABC's coverage of the (still whites-only) referendum that ended Apartheid, 1992:

Creepy to think that was only a few decades ago., that SABC coverage
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TVNZ Breakfast going to air during the ICC Cricket World Cup Final with John Campbell, Anna Burns-Francis, Jenny Suo and Chris Chang:

The AM Show also went live at the same time on Three with Ryan Bridge, Amanda Gillies & Mark Richardson:
Ten years ago today, ZDF's news programmes went from looking like this: this:

The video below has two parts: the first is a retrospective of previous looks for heute-journal, the more in-depth equivalent to heute, and the second part (which starts at 3:03) is a report on the then-new virtual studio:

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KNBC, Los Angeles, with a great theme and George Clooney's dad, 1984:

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France 3 appear to be upgrading the regional sites to HD. Here is the opener to the lunchtime bulletin for Nord Pas-de-Calais.

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Speaking of France 3, here are some rare bits of 18:30 Aujourd'hui, which was essentially an extension of 19/20 introduced in 2009; it focused on live reports from various parts of France. The program was not a success and it was canceled in 2010:

Here's a promo for 18:30 Aujourd'hui:

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Canal 1, Colombia; CM& Emisión central , 2019 (full-length broadcast):

CM& produces Canal 1's weekday newscasts, while Noticias Uno - La Red Independiente produces the weekend and national holiday bulletins (they both make their newscasts available online on the Canal 1 website - and on YouTube, in CM&'s case, but the Noticias Uno newscasts are geoblocked).
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RTL5, Netherlands, business news, 1999 (you may want to skip the commercial break between roughly 0:20 and 4:00):

Vox, Germany, 2004:

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Indian newscasts are truly different. Here's News7 Tamil:

I bet there's at least two tickers missing from that video too.
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